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VIDEO / Our members are talking about Wellworking™

Discover the social media campaign introducing Wellworking™!

It was filmed at Kwerk Haussmann, Kwerk Bienfaisance and Kwerk Tour First with our members as the guest star. These special witnesses are our greatest asset and we would like to express our gratitude for their trust. Setting up your offices at Kwerk means deciding to change your way of working and to take care of yourself and your teams on a daily basis. The striking, inspiring design, the dedicated team making life easier, the work station designed to protect your back while keeping you mobile, the meditation, yoga and fitness classes to keep your energy levels high, all at the centre of a business ecosystem: that is the unique purpose of Wellworking™!




Benjamin Pitoun, Cabinet Benjamin Pitoun, member of Kwerk Tour First


“Before, at the office, I always stayed in the same spot, so my backed started aching, and I wasn’t very focused.

But since moving my offices to Kwerk, I now choose the perfect spot for every situation: to relax or meet with clients. My phone calls are an opportunity to get some exercise.

I draw inspiration from literature.

When stress levels rise, I go weightless.

And when I must, I go back to my office.”


And you, what’s your working space like?

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Charles Coulomban, Blue Bear Capital, member of Kwerk Bienfaisance


“Before, I couldn’t count on my office to find business and support me in my work.

Since coming to Kwerk, mutual assistance is no longer an empty phrase; my ecosystem has grown to the size of the community. And that’s really good for business!”


And you, do you work in a high-quality ecosystem?

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Emma Areastegui, Prestigious, member of Kwerk Tour First


“Before, I tended not to listen to others and to believe that I alone held the truth.

But since moving my offices to Kwerk, I have found a balance and learned to change my point of view.”


And you, how do you find your balance to make the right decisions?

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Emmanuel Boulade, Revolut, member of Kwerk Bienfaisance


“Before, I had to handle the electricity, phones, Internet that never worked, client reception, coffee and even the lay-out of our offices.

But since moving my offices to Kwerk, there’s a team to handle all of that. And what’s more, they help me stay focused, fit and motivated!”


And you, do you have a friendly team looking out for you?

Try Wellworking™




Rezlaine Zaher, Executive studio, member of Kwerk Haussmann


“Before, all my meetings were held at the client’s or service provider’s offices, in restaurants or outside…

But since moving my offices to Kwerk, I can finally receive them in a great environment, because it says something about who I am.”


And you, are you proud of your office?

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Zakaria Ouali Alami, Greystar France, member of Kwerk Haussmann


“Before, I struggled to focus and work effectively. But since moving our offices to Kwerk, the business has really taken off!”


And you, do you have a therapeutic work station?

Try Wellworking™