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Being the pioneer of your life

When someone suggested that I do the Half Marathon des Sables – a very-long-distance event requiring total self-sufficiency over 4 days in the Fuerteventura desert in the Canary Islands – two conflicting feelings jostled in my chest: fear and joy.


Fear, first and foremost! Fear of failure, of difficulty, of getting back into running after a very long break, fear of facing myself, of embarking on an adventure I know next-to-nothing about, fear also of intensive training during the summer holiday with my family. So many easy arguments not to do it.


But there was also joy! The joy of discovering new landscapes, of participating in an exceptional adventure, of rediscovering what it means to make an intense effort, of taking risks, meeting new people and representing those who have always supported me: friends, family, sponsors and my company.


After running about 120 kilometres, broken down into three stages (27, 68 and 23) with temperatures climbing to 40 degrees, after sleeping in a tent and drinking more than 40 litres of water in 4 days, after crossing lava fields, climbing mountains, covering kilometres of powder-sand beaches, talking with dozens of people, wanting to stop a thousand times, laughing, crying, regretting having come… I am a happy man!


Happy to have pushed myself to the limit, to have overcome my many fears, to have been able to adapt to the unknown once again. I applied the mental preparation techniques I have been teaching for several years. I have proven to myself that they are effective, regardless of the environment. I feel proud to have taken risks. I am grateful for the hundreds of messages received and for the unshakeable bond established with the other participants. And above all, I still dream of the spectacular images forever engraved in my mind.


This sporting challenge reflects the challenges we face every day. It showed me that nothing is impossible if you are truly determined. I now understand that finding solutions is equal to overcoming obstacles. That is why I encourage everyone to step outside of their comfort zones. Maybe not in such a radical way, but as a means of getting to know yourself better. Without judgement. Because self-confidence is the product of experience.



And I am happy to be able to share that, every day, with the community of KWERK members since becoming their wellness manager!


Samuel Degoute