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VIDEO / Je bosse à la Défense

To promote its innovative workspace located in La Défense, Paris, Kwerk decided to throw away the rule book and play on the clichés associated with this business district.


In three episodes, this campaign, embodied by one of the Kwerk employees, Matthieu (Head of Digital), chronicles his arrival in the start-up’s offices!



His job interview with a slightly simplistic recruiter, his meeting with a teacher who fails to understand how his wife (yes, Clémence is his real-life wife) and he can love to work at La Défense. Lastly, like something from Eyes Wide Shut, Matthieu decides to leave his “Employees Anonymous” support group since, clearly, he has no more need for it!


Je Bosse À La Défense is an invitation to discover this bustling ecosystem where Kwerk set up its third location – not for co-working, but for Wellworking™!







Story and Direction: Tashi Jayaratnam and Jérôme Badie (Kwerk)

Director of Photography: Vincent Vandries

Matthieu: Matthieu Gouot (Kwerk)

The recruiter: Gilles Harvengt

His wife: Clémence Gouot

The teacher: Perrine Cogé

The depressed man: Stéphane Pakossian

The offended woman: Roxane Rousvoal (Kwerk)

The leader: J (Kwerk)

Production: Kwerk