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New Kwerkinn features

To meet your requirements and different meeting formats (brainstorming sessions, study days, ExCo, training, conferences, etc.), the Kwerkinn seminar experience is expanding. And creativity takes centre stage!



Enhanced facilities

All our rooms are now equipped with a “creativity box” providing all the necessary office equipment (pens, post-its, note pads, highlighters, etc.). You will also find toys: ventriloquist dummies, stress balls, rubik’s cube, cup-and-ball, and spinning tops. They stimulate the imagination and boost problem-solving skills. They are also good for stress relief. Give it a go! You can also try out the new Veleda walls to write all your ideas and messages. Unleash your creativity!


A room dedicated to creativity

Our “Ronde” (Round) seminar room in Kwerk Haussmann is certainly the one that has changed the most. Everything is focused on inspiration and creativity. Brighter, more cooperative, and redesigned as a cosy lounge, Ronde is ideal for your brainstorming meetings.



Immersive meditation and team-building sessions on request

Disconnect and recharge your batteries through a 15-minute self-guided audio meditation session. Organising one-hour team-building sessions (yoga or fitness) with your teams and a coach will also be possible on request.


Self-service snacks

For half-day or full-day sessions, regardless of the chosen package, dried fruit will be offered continuously: ginger, pawpaw, apricots, bananas, and natural honey sweets.


An improved digital experience

To help you work efficiently and meet your goals, our seminar rooms are equipped with a smartboard. This advanced tool, which can be used in portrait or landscape mode, will foster interaction and note-taking. Everything is saved and sent by email!


Kwerk’s expert members

Final new feature: companies signing up for one day can now benefit from Kwerk’s ecosystem. Book a coach, design thinking consultant, create workshops or learning expeditions, and meet innovative entrepreneurs during your Kwerk study days.


More than ever before, Kwerk’s Wellworking™ boosts the seminar offer to ensure your success!


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