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At the office, I take good care of myself! By Maud Chuffart, Head of Experience

When you have reinvented yourself several times in your career, working abroad or developing your own business, it’s hard to accept to work under the same conditions as your parents. We are willing to work long hours under self-imposed restrictions and discipline, as long as we can also disconnect, recharge and meditate.


Sure, some companies have understood this. But many still need to be convinced that there are other ways of working.


Enjoy new experiences.

We all need to enjoy new experiences in our daily working environment. As such, addressing the issue of “wellness at work” has become a necessity – not only to stay motivated, but merely to work effectively.


A few figures may prove convincing. For example, the majority of French people suffer from serious work-related problems: 57% from stress, 56% from severe fatigue and 54% from musculoskeletal disorders (muscular or joint pain) or back pain*.


Let’s take action.

Addressing these realities means more than spreading “happiness” everywhere imaginable, pleasing people or creating small moments of fleeting joy; we need to establish a rebalancing work environment incorporating special moments to recharge, with measurable effects for both employees (individually) and businesses (economic performance, appeal and loyalty of employees).  Remember that an employee spends an average of six hours a day seated in front of a computer screen. This sedentary lifestyle leads to frequent back pain, in particular.


Time for change!


Let’s choose the right work station.

More than ergonomic, let’s go for therapeutic! Let’s encourage the use of adaptable offices that let you change your position several times a day. Seated, then standing.


It’s important to alternate between different types of seats: passive with a backrest and elbow rests, or more active, such as kneeling chairs or adjustable, swivel stools. This will help improve your posture on a daily basis. For more mobility, let’s introduce multiple areas to work while adapting our tasks to the spaces around us. To focus, I choose a quiet space with soft lighting; to be creative, I settle into a bustling space with an inspiring design. Because design can transport us; it’s essential to creativity.


Learn to breathe again.

Granting yourself short but daily relaxation sessions is a good way to blow off steam: try guided meditation, for example, or more dynamic sessions through yoga or fitness classes.


Those are the experiences I strive to bring to our members, so that they feel good all day long. We call this expertise Wellworking™. And it works! After six months at Kwerk, 86% of members manage their stress better, 92% have better posture, 65% have less back pain, and 71% are more focussed**.


These figures prove that expenses towards wellness at work are not a cost to businesses, but an investment and a real driver of competitiveness. Coupled with a management style attentive to employees, transparency, a horizontal approach and a meaningful vision, they are key to healthy teams, and therefore businesses!


Maud Chuffart


* Ipsos study, Wellness as a daily quest

** Self-administered study – 2017