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Kwerk takes over a new 6400m2 building in the heart of the 8th arrondissement of Paris

This new opus named Kwerk Saint-Honoré and due to open in May 2020, the building will accommodate about 700 permanent office members and 100 one-day seminar members across 9 floors, 3 seminar rooms, 1,100 m2 of green areas comprising botanical terraces and a large hanging garden on the 300 m2 rooftop with a panoramic view of Paris.

This new Kwerk space will be located at 18 rue de Courcelles in the 8th arrondissement, opposite Kwerk Haussmann, 4,200 m2, opened 18 months ago, and a few hundred metres from Kwerk Bienfaisance, 2,200 m2, inaugurated one year earlier, creating a cluster in line with the idea of an ecosystem advocated by Kwerk.


This fifth building brings the total surface area of Kwerk working spaces to more than 17,000 m2, of which 13,000 m2 in the Paris central business district, and its community to nearly 2,000 members. Like the other Kwerk venues, the space will enjoy much natural light, transparency, and outside areas.



Kwerk continues to champion a new art of living and a vision of tailored working space dedicated to professions with high added value and to companies eager to ensure the physical and mental well-being of their employees.


Albert Angel, the architect, designer and co-founder of Kwerk, wants to turn this exceptional space into retreat in the heart of the city, perfectly integrated into its surroundings. The layout, design and furniture of each of the nine floors will be adaptable to the requirements of businesses, whether they wish to establish their head office there, set up a team working on a specific project, organise strategic seminars, or receive clients.


A pillar of the Wellworking™ concept developed by Kwerk, the innovative ergonomic furniture (adjustable table, seats promoting good posture, etc.) will be created by the designer to offer Kwerk members the comfort and working environment necessary for concentration and well-being, unparalleled on the market. Areas dedicated to sport, yoga and meditation will also be available on all floors, giving members the unique possibility to combine work, creativity and well-being.


Albert Angel, architect, designer and co-founder of Kwerk: “Our mission is not to develop spaces, but to create an art of living specific to Kwerk, largely inspired by French expertise in hospitality, design and cultural creation. We shape an experience that reconciles operational efficiency with physical and mental well-being. That is why the key experts responsible for translating this art of living (design, equipment, well-being programme) all work in-house. We believe the physical layout of working spaces must address the increasingly urgent search for balance expressed by professionals, faced with the relentless frenzy and fast pace of the working world.”


Following on from Kwerk Haussmann and Kwerk Bienfaisance, located at 100m and 500m respectively, this is the third working space located in the heart of the Paris central business district. A natural playground for Kwerk, this neighbourhood is like a talent magnet: it attracts top-quality businesses and profiles seeking working spaces keeping pace with the changing world of work, and meeting high standards in terms of space and comfort. With 13,000 m2 in the central business district, Kwerk is playing an active role in overturning the classic office space offering in this area. Moreover, this location allows Kwerk to support the growth of its current members by offering them potential synergies: current members can expand into the nearby office space if necessary.



Lawrence Knights, Chairman and co-founder of Kwerk: “Kwerk’s trajectory over the last five years shows that there’s room for an independent French player offering a one-of-a-kind solution in terms of shared working and seminar space. Although we are experiencing strong growth, this growth remains manageable and will enable us to become the best in our two areas of expertise: office and seminar space. Architect, designer and co-founder of Kwerk, Albert Angel, draws inspiration from the “spirit of a place” to create unique and distinctive centres while consistently applying our Wellworking™ methods.”


À propos de Les Nouveaux Constructeurs

Depuis son origine, les co-fondateurs Albert Angel et Lawrence Knights sont associés à la société Les Nouveaux Constructeurs, un acteur important de la promotion de logements neufs et de bureaux en France depuis 1972 et qui partage les mêmes valeurs d’innovation et d’esprit d’entreprise.


Kwerk Saint-Honoré

18 rue de Courcelles, Paris 8

Opening planned for May 2020


Sales Contacts 

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Alexandre Vassil, Business Developer Offices – 07 70 22 74 61 –


Press Contacts

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