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Marque employeur

Tell me where you work...

Even the most innovative and attractive companies are finding it more and more difficult to recruit and/or retain the best talent. “Employer branding” has become crucial!

One of the decisive factors now lies in the choice of workplace. Here follows my chronicle, plea, or address aimed at modern employers.


Managers, team leaders, HR Directors, bosses, employers.


Have you heard of Tanguy, that French character who seems like he’ll never fly the nest? Have you ever wondered why Tanguy stayed at home so long? 


Because it’s warm, because there’s food in the fridge and he doesn’t even have to buy groceries, because he can keep his teen room and its carefully chosen posters (a tad old school, but nonetheless), and because he can invite his friends over to a large apartment rather than a dingy studio up in the roof! Tanguy makes sense!


It’s also because that’s where he experienced all his firsts, completed his studies, savoured his first successes, grew up and developed, quite simply. When you’re happy, there’s no reason to leave!


In Tanguy’s life, home is the crucial foundation of his balance, creativity, and even his performance. It reassures him.


Our talented and coveted millennials (the term is overused and imprecise, but you get my drift) are potential Tanguys!


Their job is intense and their career a stressful challenge! Contingencies are a curse and must be avoided at all times! So, they need a protective cocoon designed especially for them, letting them comfortably pass their long days and, above all, creating an additional bond of trust with their company and colleagues, while still keeping busy! They also need to meet new and interesting people.


Tell me where you work and I’ll tell you who you are! 


The best talent no longer wants a company car, a mobile subscription or even a laptop. They want to work in a stimulating environment, surrounded by like-minded people and enjoying different experiences every day. They also want to be able to stop at 15:45 for 20 minutes of meditation, at 18:00 for a fitness break or yoga, and have lunch at noon in a friendly space with their colleagues.


In addition, their “passion jobs” leave little time to meet friends. Like magic, their workplace can now let them make new friends who listen to them in a different way compared with colleagues, who are obviously less objective! Cherry on the cake: they can do all of that without putting their coats back on and stepping out into the cold. Our Tanguys are smart!


In a nutshell, they want their posters, their fridge and their friends at the office!


Are you still unsure? Then put yourselves in their shoes.


Imagine a large office with an inspiring an immersive design!


Imagine a friendly, well-trained team entirely dedicated to your daily experience. They are there to free you from the usual office-related worries (Internet/scanner/copier/reception/meeting rooms, etc.).


What’s more, imagine your office could help you fight the different ills of the century: back pain, a sedentary lifestyle and overwork thanks to sit-stand desks, super seats and zero-gravity armchairs!


Think about it. Wouldn’t you like to have a physical and mental preparation programme with coaches trained to be your genuine mentors?


Take a moment to imagine a business ecosystem comprising innovative companies and entrepreneurs, punctuated by fun and original events…


In short: when the workplace offers all that, it boosts creativity and lets you grow in your work without leaving your company – because your Tanguy will love this reassuring setting. You can have your cake and eat it! A reassured Tanguy, but an independent and creative one.





So, are we all in agreement? 


If it’s good for them, for you, for us, then it’s the right solution! When your teams are addicted to the workplace you have chosen, they won’t want to leave! You will have earned their trust for life!


Tanguy is not a difficult guy… He just knows what’s good for him. So, think about him and about yourself too, and opt for an innovative working environment designed for well-being!


Jérôme Badie

Head of Marketing Communications, Kwerk


Speech delivered on Wednesday 12 December during an IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) meeting in which I participated.